Proposed Court Rule(s) Information:

Rule 2.21 Record Retention

Rule 5.10 Use of Electronically Produced Traffice Tickets

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Ann Murray, Court Administrator
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Rule 2.21 Court Record Retention Disposition Schedule
Court Proceedings—Electronic Audio Recordings – 5 years
Exhibits – 5 years   



Rule 5.10   Use of Electronically Produced Traffic Tickets
The Dayton Municipal Court provides for the use of a ticket that is produced by computer or other electronic means. A ticket produced by computer or other electronic means shall not require the signature of the defendant. A ticket produced by computer or other electronic means shall conform in all substantive respects to the “Ohio Uniform Traffic Ticket” set forth in the Traffic Appendix of Forms.  The provisions of Traf. R. 3(B), relative to the color and weight of paper, size, and method of binding, shall not be applicable to a ticket that is produced by computer or other electronic means. The ticket paper shall be of sufficient quality to allow the court record copy to remain unchanged for the period of the retention schedule for the various traffic offenses as prescribed by Sup.R. 26.05. The court record of the ticket shall be filed with the court or may be filed electronically as authorized by this Rule and Traf.R. 3 (F)(2).
The Dayton Municipal Court provides for the filing of the ticket by electronic means. If a ticket is issued at the scene of an alleged offense, this Rule requires that the issuing officer serve the defendant with the defendant’s paper copy of the ticket as required by Traf.R. 3(E). A law enforcement officer who files a ticket pursuant to Traf.R. 3(F)(1) or (F)(2) and electronically affixes the officer’s signature thereto, shall be considered to have certified the ticket and shall have the same rights, responsibilities, and liabilities as with all other tickets issued pursuant to these rules.

The Court finds an immediate need to revise Dayton Municipal Court Rule (DMCR) 3.7, Forcible Entry and Detainer Procedure, with the following language regarding bond:

Trial by jury shall be waived unless on or before the appearance date a jury demand is filed and the advance jury deposit is paid. If applicable, a defendant requesting a jury trial shall post a bond in the amount of rent that will accrue, as determined by the Court. Upon timely filing of the jury demand and payment of the advance deposit and/or bond, the case shall be set for jury trial.

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